Monday, October 1, 2012

Almost Missed Monday

Wow I almost missed the first post of MoFo, I'm writing this up as I'm eating dinner really late. Today was supposed to be Make It Monday From Pinterest, however life happen. So what's a girl to do?

I went grocery shopping for this week,plus I'm pulling out one of my own recipes which I'll post tomorrow. So on to the food...


  1. This is so hilarious! I literally just posted a reply to your comment on my post about Cleo's peanut butter cups, suggesting that you try Justin's! And, there they are in your picture... Great minds think alike! Also, so glad you're doing MoFo - I can't wait to keep up with your posts!

    1. Exactly great minds do think a like. Right after the picture was taken the Justin's PB cups where gone that same night.

    2. I went down the candy aisle at a nearby market and saw Justin's AND that endangered species chocolate with pictures of animals on the labels. Who knew?!